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Discover the captivating world of Chapter 37 - Sands of the East (Vol.2) and upgrade your army!

Guido Sommerkamp |

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Welcome to the fascinating world of Chapter 37 - Sands of the East (Volume 2)!

Stunning tabletop miniatures await you in our Merchant Tabletop Shop that will take your battles in the sands of the East to a new level. Immerse yourself in a world full of powerful creatures and brave warriors just waiting to be led in epic battles.

Conquer the desert with powerful creatures:

Fearsome creatures such as the Gargantuan Roc , the Manticore and the Efreeti await in this chapter on you. These fabulous tabletop creatures bring unique challenge and magic to your tabletop battles. Strengthen your troops and impress your opponents with these majestic creatures from the East.

Majestic Eastern Emperor:

Lead your Eastern army with pride and elegance by welcoming the majestic Eastern Emperor and his magnificent palanquin into your ranks. The miniature impresses with detailed craftsmanship and gives your army a royal look.

Create your own tabletop backdrop:

With the Royal Eastern Building Set you can create an impressive backdrop for your battles. Add depth and atmosphere to your playing field as your troops battle for dominance across the sands of the East.

An army of diversity:

This chapter offers you a wide selection of Eastern fighters, including spearmen, archers, swordsmen, cataphracts and horses. Combine and strengthen your army according to your strategic ideas and conquer the desert with impressive versatility.

Discover magic and secrets:

Immerse yourself in the mystical world of the sands of the East and encounter the mighty Serpent High Priest in various versions - on foot and mounted. Discover the secrets of the desert and uncover its deepest mysteries.

Your creative tabletop note:

Each miniature is crafted to the highest level of detail using SLA printing technology and comes in gray color. Now it's up to you to breathe life into them! Paint the miniatures according to your individual ideas and give them your personal touch. Create an army that reflects your personality and prepare to dominate the battlefield!

What are you waiting for? The captivating world of Chapter 37 - Sands of the East (Volume 2) awaits you! Get the breathtaking miniatures now from and begin your epic adventure in the sands of the East. Venture into battle, unleash the magic and conquer the desert with an army of your own creation! Be ready for epic tabletop battles and experience the thrills that only this world can offer!

Now available for purchase in the shop: All miniatures from Chapter 37 - Sands of the East (Volume 2)!

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