Terror on Cursed Waters - 32mm Tabletop Miniatures

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Terror on Cursed Waters Tabletop Miniaturen von Monolith Arts

Terror on Cursed Waters

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Delve into the deepest depths of the human psyche and the vast mysteries of the ocean with Monolith Arts' stunning Terror on Cursed Waters tabletop series. Inspired by the unforgettable legacy of HP Lovecraft, this unique collection pays a striking tribute to the master of cosmic horror.

Each model in this series is in precise 32mm scale and impresses with its exceptional attention to detail. Whether piranhas, cursed pirates, sea creatures or many other scary creatures and terrain pieces - each miniature brings a new dimension of horror to your game board. All models are made in high-quality 3D SLA printing in gray, so that you can paint them individually and design them in your own personal style.

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