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Wargame miniatures

Unique 3D printed aircraft and tank miniatures from Wargame3D with extremely detailed resolution from 6K to 12K to bring your passion to life. Let your creativity run wild and paint the models yourself!

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Wargame3D Germany

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Welcome to our German Wargame3D Miniatures category, a comprehensive showcase of German military might during World War II. Our collection offers a wide range of detailed models, from the fearsome tanks and powerful artillery pieces to the disciplined infantry units that made German forces known on the battlefields of Europe and beyond.

In this category you will find models of legendary vehicles such as the Tiger I, Panzer IV or the Hetzer, which are famous for their armor and firepower. We also offer models of fast reconnaissance vehicles and powerful self-propelled guns that have been valued for their effectiveness in specialized roles. Each miniature has been crafted with great care and an eye for historical accuracy to ensure it captures the essence of its real-life counterpart.

For tabletop games such as Flames of War, Bolt Action and Chain of Command, our miniatures provide an excellent basis for depicting the German Wehrmacht or Waffen-SS. Whether you want to recreate historical battles or create your own fictional scenarios, our miniatures offer the variety and quality you need to make your games vivid and realistic.

Discover the tactical diversity and technological innovation of the German armed forces through our miniatures. From lightning-fast Blitzkrieg tactics to desperate fighting in the final days of the war, our models offer a comprehensive range of units and equipment to enrich any battle on the tabletop.

Immerse yourself in the world of Wargame3D Germany and expand your collection with models that stand for quality, attention to detail and historical accuracy. Relive history, plan your strategy and lead your troops to victory with our exquisite selection of German WWII miniatures.