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Chapter 36 - Sands of the East - Vol. 1

Chapter 36 - Sands of the East - Vol. 1

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Chapter 36 - Sands of the East - Volume 1 designed by The Printing Goes Ever On, start building your eastland army or print out the oversized insects that lurk between the dunes!

This chapter contains a variety of tabletop miniatures that can be used for the game. The miniatures are printed at a minimum resolution of 6K and are gray in color to give customers the option of painting them themselves. Printing is done either with FDM technology (Fused Deposition Modeling) in white or gray or with SLA technology (Stereolithography) in gray.

The miniatures included are:

- Arash, Emir of the scimitar - both on foot and on horseback
- Sand Dragon - Model A
- Huge scarab
- Huge snake
- Huge scorpion
- Flame Salamander - Model A
- Grand Vizier
- 2x East Cathaphract
- 3x Eastern Horse
- 2x Eastern Rifleman
- 2x Eastern Swordsman
- 2x East Spearmen
- Commander in the East, Standard Bearer, Mounted Standard Bearer and Musician
- Flying carpet
- 3x Desert Adobe Buildings

These miniatures offer a variety of options for building an Ostland army in your tabletop game. You can use the different units strategically to defeat your opponents and dominate the Sands of the East. The miniatures are designed in detail and add a visual and tactile level to your gameplay.

Please note that the miniatures are supplied in their original color (grey) and need to be painted by yourself to give them your personal touch. Plunge into the world of the Sands of the East and create your own army to fight epic battles!
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