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Olympian Legends Miniaturen inspiriert von antiker griechischer und römischer Mythologie

Olympian Legends

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Welcome to the world of Olympian Legends, a fascinating category at Epic Miniatures inspired by ancient Greek and Roman myths. This collection includes a variety of models recreating the powerful deities, heroic figures and mythical creatures from the legendary tales.

Includes models such as:

  • Lernaean Hydra: A gigantic monster that counters every cut of one of its heads with two new ones.
  • Avatars of the God Hades: Various poses depicting the dark power of the underworld god.
  • Cerberus Prime: The mighty three-headed guard of the underworld.
  • Medusa in various poses: from resting to conjuring, each figure captures her petrified beauty.
  • Nemean Lion and Classical Satyrs: Add a wild and musical touch to the collection.
  • Centaur scouts and the goddess Athena in heroic poses.
  • Air Elementals: Female forms that represent the power of the winds.
  • Cyclopes, harpies, the son of Zeus with lightning, and the titanic Geryon.

Each figure in this series is not only ideal for miniature collectors, but also for players of tabletop games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Pathfinder and other fantasy-based systems. The detailed and dynamic models are great for recreating epic battles and adventures or simply adding to an impressive collection.

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