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Monks in Iron Fist Tournament | Tabletop Game

Iron Fist Tournament #84

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You are in the subcategory of Epic Miniatures called "Iron Fist Tournament". This is all about monks fighting in an Eastern tournament setting. This chapter covers various tabletop miniatures and terrain that you can use for your tabletop game.

Here are some of the products:

  • Iron Fist Arena : An impressive terrain that is perfect for your tabletop game.
  • Monk Female Player Character : A female player character wearing a monk outfit, available in various poses.
  • Guardian Fu Dog : An imposing guardian figure with various options including fire breath and ball.
  • Shaolin Warrior Monk : A powerful warrior monk that will shine in your tabletop battle.
  • Katana Master : A skilled swordsman with various fighting stances and attacks.
  • Dark Kunoichi : A mysterious kunoichi with deadly abilities.
  • Long Cat : An imposing feline companion with various attack options.
  • Divine Hands Priestess : A divine priestess who excels in both prayer and combat.
  • Orient Metal Bard : A musical bardic wizard who brings magical sounds to your tabletop game.
  • Fire Style Kung Fu Master : A Kung Fu master who controls the elements.
  • Kitsune Spirit Warrior : A warrior spirit with supernatural powers.
  • Divine Centaur : A majestic centaur with powerful roars and attacks.
  • Tiger Folk Samurai : A samurai from the Tiger Folk with deadly fighting skills.
  • Blade Master : A skilled sword master with lightning-fast attacks.
  • Shadow Ninja : A ninja who lurks in the shadows and strikes with lightning speed.
  • Gaijin Challenger : A challenging fighter wearing boxing gloves.
  • Eastern Cat Folk : Warlike cat creatures with daggers and spears.
  • Cat Girl Monk : A fierce cat monk with powerful kicks and punches.
  • Mythical Wish Dragon : A gigantic dragon that dominates your tabletop world.

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