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Discover miniature figures for dioramas: New Painter Collection

Guido Sommerkamp |

Painter miniature figures for dioramas
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For diorama and model building enthusiasts, finding the perfect miniature diorama figures is an essential step in bringing their visions to life. At Individual 3D we understand this passion and are pleased to introduce our newest collection of miniature figures: four highly detailed painter miniatures that will enrich any scene.

The painter miniature figures for dioramas at a glance

These miniature figures for dioramas come with everything a painter's heart desires: ladders, brushes, buckets and paint rollers. Available in the common scales of 1:64, 1:43, 1:32 and 1:24, they fit seamlessly into any scene. Special scales are also available upon request to support individual diorama projects.

Facade painter on ladder | Miniature figure
Painter figure with spray gun | Miniature figure
Mini painter with brush and bucket | Miniature figure
Miniature painter with paint roller | Miniature figure

Precision through SLA 3D printing

Each miniature figure is created using SLA 3D printing technology, known for its exceptional attention to detail. This process enables us to realistically depict even the finest details of the painting equipment and give the miniature figures for dioramas an impressive lifelike quality.

Unique design options for miniature figures for dioramas

The painter miniature figures provide the perfect basis for individual design. They can be painted according to personal ideas using acrylic paints, so that everyone can add their own touch. These miniature figures for dioramas not only offer a high level of detail, but also the freedom to be creative.

Variety of uses in diorama and model making

These miniature figures are ideal for a variety of dioramas and model building scenarios:

- Cityscapes: Enliven urban dioramas with painters at work.

- Historical scenes: Add accents to historical dioramas by depicting restoration work.

- Festivals: Add authenticity to craft markets or festivals by showcasing creative artists.

- Artist Studios: Create detailed studio scenes where masterpieces are created.

Final word

With the new painter miniature figures from Individual 3D, every diorama or model building project gets a special touch. These figures invite you to implement creative ideas and design scenes with great attention to detail. Visit to find out more about our miniature figures for dioramas and to give your creativity new space.

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