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Vesna Sculpts

Vesna Sculpts

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Discover the world of Vesna Sculpts - a creative universe created by talented artists Katya and Vanya.

Her passion for tabletop gaming inspires her to create unique terrain pieces with character. Each set of Vesna Sculpts is a small work of art designed to bring the imaginative worlds of tabletop wargames and role-playing games to life.

As an authorized dealer, we offer you the opportunity to experience these high-quality scenery kits directly in your gaming session. With new, exciting sets released every month, there's always something new to discover.

Immerse yourself in the world of Vesna Sculpts and enrich your game evenings with detailed and characterful landscapes.

Delivery without support structure! | At least 6K print resolution | Tabletop Miniatures | Tabletop Terrains | Tabletop buildings
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