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Piraten der östlichen Meere Sammlungsaufnahme

Chapter 35 - Pirates of the Eastern Seas

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Welcome to Chapter 35 - "Pirates of the Eastern Seas", a collection of detailed miniatures and accessories specially designed to bring your tabletop naval battles and port adventures to life.

This chapter contains:

- Huge junk ship with numerous accessories: This impressive ship is available in two variants - with a flat bottom for play purposes or with a display bottom for collectors and exhibitors. The ship comes with a variety of scatter accessories to make it as detailed and realistic as possible.

- 18 Pirate Crew Members: A crew full of hardened pirates ready to set sail and battle their enemies.

- 1 Pirate King (on foot and mounted + horse): This miniature represents the fearsome leader of the pirate gang, both on foot and on his trusty horse.

- A monkey pet: A faithful companion for any pirate captain, this monkey will bring a humorous touch to your games.

- A tavern building: The perfect place for your pirates to relax between adventures and celebrate their loot.

- Pier Terrain: An essential piece of terrain for any port adventure, this pier offers numerous opportunities for exciting scenarios and encounters.

Browse through Chapter 35 - "Pirates of the Eastern Seas" and be inspired by the many possibilities this collection offers for your game.
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