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Dwarf Mountain – Zwergen und Bergbegegnungen Miniaturen Kollektion

Dwarf Mountain - Epic Tabletop Set #97

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Welcome to Dwarf Mountain, the world of dwarves and mountain encounters. This subcategory of Epic Miniatures offers a wide range of fantasy miniatures. Explore dwarf travelers in various actions, powerful stone constructs, classic Daos, fierce miners and brave dragon slayers. Experience fascinating creatures such as mountain wyverns, metal bulls and wild goats that enliven these epic mountain adventures.

  • Mountain Wyverns in various actions
  • Dwarf traveler celebrating, traveling and attacking
  • Stone dwarf constructs in various actions
  • Classical Daos in different poses
  • Wild dwarf miner and dragon slayer
  • Dwarf tribe figures in warlike and peaceful poses
  • Mountain Beast, Metal Bull Gorgon and Imperial Wyvern
  • Cursed Dwarf Lord and Goblin Miner
  • Wild goat in various poses

The miniatures of the "Dwarf Mountain" series by Epic Miniatures are versatile and can be used in various current and popular tabletop games. Here is a list of games that work particularly well with these figures:

  1. Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition) - The most well-known fantasy role-playing game, which is constantly updated and has a huge fan base. The detailed dwarves and mountain creatures fit perfectly into many D&D campaigns.

  2. Pathfinder (2nd Edition) - Another very popular tabletop roleplaying game that delves deep into character development and magical worlds. The dwarves and mountain themes complement Pathfinder's often complex adventures.

  3. Warhammer Age of Sigmar - This game is known for its epic battles and detailed backstories. The sturdy and battle-hardened Dwarf miniatures would fit seamlessly into the world of Age of Sigmar.

  4. Frostgrave - A game that focuses on wizards and their apprentices exploring abandoned cities. The mystical and magical elements of the "Dwarf Mountain" miniatures would work well here.

  5. Starfinder - For those who like to mix fantasy with science fiction, Starfinder offers a platform that also includes traditional fantasy elements such as dwarves and dragons.

  6. Kings of War - A mass combat tabletop game that offers space for different armies and races. The sturdy dwarves and mythical creatures of the "Dwarf Mountain" series would work well here as their own faction or as part of an existing army.

  7. Gloomhaven - While Gloomhaven is primarily played with its own specific sets, the miniatures from the "Dwarf Mountain" series can be used to expand the gaming experience or create custom scenarios.

  8. Tales of Arcana - A newer role-playing game that focuses on fast combat and simple rules. The diverse characters could help make the game world more lively.

These games represent a wide range of fantasy and adventure styles and show how versatile the "Dwarf Mountain" miniatures can be to enrich different gaming environments and styles.

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