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Miniatur Panzer für Tabletop-Spieler und Sammler im Maßstab 1:56

Tank miniature vehicles

3D printed miniature tanks with 6K to 12K resolution for self-painting. Create lifelike scenes with our wargame miniatures

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Modellbau-Panzer 1:56, ww1, ww2, aktuelle Panzer und viele mehr

Wargame3D - Tanks

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Welcome to the Tanks subcategory at Wargame3D – your destination for masterfully crafted, 3D printed tank miniatures. Here you will find a wide range of 1:56 scale tank models, carefully designed to provide historical accuracy and impressive detail. These miniatures are perfect for anyone looking to enrich their tabletop battles with realistic and tactically versatile vehicles.

Our tank collection includes models from different eras and nations, so you can find the vehicles that fit your play style and historical interest. Whether you're looking for an iconic World War II tank or a modern fighting machine to bolster your armed forces, you'll find it with us.

Each model was designed with wargamers and model makers in mind. The tanks come with a range of customization options, including "hatch-open" for realistic opening hatches, "turret magnetizing" for magnetizable turrets that allow for quick configuration changes, and "hollowed" for hollowed-out models that are not only lighter but also material save.

Printed using the most advanced technologies such as FDM, SLA and MJF, we guarantee that each model meets the highest standards of quality and detail. Our tank miniatures are not only an excellent choice for strategic games, but also a real eye-catcher in any collection.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of tanks with our exclusive selection of 3D printed models. Relive historical battles or create your own scenarios with Wargame3D's detailed and robust tank miniatures. Expand your army now and take your tabletop gaming to the next level!