Tales of the Northern Kingdom Vol. 1 - Tabletop Set

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Tabletop Miniaturen und Terrains aus Tales of the Northern Kingdom Vol. 1

Tales of the Northern Kingdom - Vol. 1

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Experience the epic adventures of "Tales of the Northern Kingdom - Vol. 1", designed by "The Printing Goes Ever On". This extensive tabletop set, printed in high-resolution 3D SLA with at least 6K resolution, offers you miniature figures and terrain in gray that you can paint as you wish. Immerse yourself in the world of the Northern Kingdom and create your own heroic stories.

The bundle contains:

King Arvelon - On foot and mounted
Malion the Mystic
Ellidon and Elliran - Elf twins, ranger with spear, 2x ranger horse

Northern Kingdom Command Group:

Captain - On foot and mounted
Banner bearer


5x Warrior of the Northern Kingdom
3x Foot Soldiers of the Northern Kingdom


3x Northern Kingdom Mounted Foot Soldiers
3x Horses of the Northern Kingdom

Northern Kingdom Terrains:

Modular aqueduct
Statue of the King

Recreate epic battles and discover the stories of the Northern Kingdom with these detailed miniatures and terrain pieces. Perfect for tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer and many more.
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