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Eskice Miniature

Immerse yourself in the tabletop era of the past, modern and future with detailed 3D printed miniatures, buildings and vehicles. Bring history to life!

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Eskice Miniature - Wargaming

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Discover the fascinating world of Aron, a talented designer from France who is passionate about creating content for all wargame enthusiasts who own a 3D printer. Since 2005, Aron has demonstrated his skills as a designer and painter in the world of miniatures and in 2017 he fully immersed himself in 3D creation.

Aron's passion for historical wargames is obvious, but he doesn't shy away from exploring fantastic and futuristic worlds. Its offering includes an impressive majority of historical models, particularly from the Second World War. But Aron always looks to the future and promises to shed light on other eras too.

A particular highlight in Aron's portfolio is the 15mm scale (1/100) miniature series known as Epic History Battle. This series allows historical battles to be recreated on a small scale and is aimed at fans of Essex, Touller, Old Glory and the like. So far, Aron has covered the American Civil War and the Hundred Years' War, with the Punic Wars coming soon.

If you are a fan of historical scenarios but also like to embark on new adventures in fantastic or futuristic worlds, you will undoubtedly appreciate Aron's work.

Immerse yourself in Aron's world, experience the precision and passion that lies in each of his works, and discover models that take your wargame experiences to a new level. Aron hopes you will love his work as much as he does.