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Chapter 19 - Call of the South - Tabletop Verkauf

Chapter 19 - Call of the South

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Welcome to the fascinating Chapter 19 - Southern Call, a masterpiece from The Printing Goes Ever On. Each miniature, printed with at least 6K 3D SLA precision, awaits your creative design in elegant grey.

This comprehensive tabletop set includes:

  • Giant War Elephant: Modular design allows customization of tusks and adornments on the howdah (riding platform).
  • Southern Archers: Masterfully crafted, including female archers, both mounted and on foot.
  • Southern Warriors: Female combatants and mighty warriors who represent the heart of the South.
  • Southern Spearmen: On foot and mounted, they provide a versatile front for your battle arrangement.
  • Horses and Shield Bits: complete the authentic ambience of your scenery.
  • Southern tents: Small, medium and large tents bring southern flair to your pitch.

Embark on an adventure with the included module and 5e compatible stat blocks. Immerse yourself in a world of epic battles and create your own story in the Call of the South!

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