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Kapitel 30 - Kräfte des Bösen - Vol. 2

Chapter 30 - Forces of Evil - Vol. 2

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Welcome to Chapter 30 - "Forces of Evil - Vol. 2", another compelling miniatures collection for your tabletop games, printed with SLA technology at a minimum resolution of 6K to ensure stunning detail.

This chapter contains:

  • Giant War Elephant - Second Sculpture - with Modular Armor: A formidable beast of war, ready to wreak havoc in battle.
  • 16 Storm Orc Miniatures, including Assassins, Berserkers, Floggers and a Commander: A diverse contingent of Orc warriors ready to overwhelm your foes.
  • War Troll - C: This monstrous warrior is a powerful addition to any dark force army.
  • Catapult Troll - with Dynamic Pose: This miniature brings to life the devastating siege power of a troll wielding a catapult.
  • Siege Transport Troll - modular: This figure can be deployed as a transport or combat unit depending on the needs of your army.
  • Orc Siege Crossbow Protected by a Deployable Shield: A powerful artillery unit that can support the assault on enemy strongholds.
  • Orc Siege Crew of Three Engineers: These three are essential to operate and maintain your siege weapons.
  • Horned Beast of Groz - C: A fearsome creature ready to break through your enemies' lines.
  • Troll Cage Terrain: This terrain feature represents a cage used by trolls to transport or hold prisoners.

All miniatures in this collection are printed in gray and ready to be painted to your liking. Immerse yourself in the dark world of "Forces of Evil - Vol. 2" and bring your tabletop games to life with these impressive miniatures.

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