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The Print Goes Ever On - Kapitel 21 - Forces of Torr Mislar

Chapter 21 - Forces of Torr Mislar - Tabletop Miniatures

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Welcome to Chapter 21 - Forces of Torr Mislar, an exciting miniatures collection designed by The Print Goes Ever On. This collection represents a fascinating array of characters and creatures that will bring your tabletop games to life.

This chapter contains:

- Armored Wraithbeast: This formidable behemoth, made of heavy metal and dark shadows, is a fearsome foe on any field.

- Flying Dark King: Fearsome and powerful, this Dark King is a dramatic figure mounted on a winged behemoth.

- War Troll: This huge and fearsome creature, primed for war, is ready to break through your enemy's lines.

- 9 Orcs: This collection of Orc soldiers ready for battle will bolster the ranks of your forces.

- Orc Warleaders, Standard Bearers and Drummers: These three are the heart of any Orc army, motivating troops and leading them into war.

- Torr Mislar Modular Fortress: This fortress is an impressive setting for your games. It has a modular structure and can be designed and arranged according to your ideas.

- Adventure Module: This helpful supplement provides detailed adventure scenarios that you can incorporate into your games.

- 5e Compatible Stat Blocks: These blocks make incorporating these characters into your D&D 5e games easier than ever.

All miniatures in this collection are printed at a minimum resolution of 6K, ensuring stunning detail and quality. They are SLA printed in gray and ready to be painted to your liking. Immerse yourself in the world of Torr Mislar and take your tabletop gaming to the next level.
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