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Gruesome Graveyard - #90 Tabletop Set

Gruesome Graveyard - #90

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Welcome to the spooky world of Gruesome Graveyard, the perfect category for anyone looking for unforgettable encounters with the undead. In this eerie graveyard environment, ghouls, skeletons and other spooky characters wait to enrich your tabletop adventures.

What's waiting for you:

  • Graveyard (OpenLOCK): The perfect setting for your spooky adventures.
  • Fire Ghost Skeleton: These fiery skeletons come in various poses, from attacking to fire breathing.
  • Undead Dire Wolf: Three versions of this fearsome undead wolf, from roaring to angry.
  • Banshees Classic: Both in normal and headless versions.
  • Lich Female: A female lich that comes in various magical poses.
  • Big Flesh Ghoul: These hideous ghouls come in several variations, including crawling and mutated.
  • Claw Ghoul: These ghouls are ready for battle, in anger or while locking on their target.
  • Elven Ghost Princess: An elf ghost princess, in various magical moments, even with a violin.
  • Common Ghoul: The classic Ghoul in various states, from walking to roaring.
  • Night Wraith: These night wraiths appear as portals and in magical poses.
  • Laughing Ghost: A laughing ghost that ranges from praying to attacking.
  • Graveyard Gargoyle: These gargoyles are on the hunt or attack.
  • Bone Naga: A bone naga in various dynamic poses.
  • Gnome Lich Queen: The Gnome Lich Queen ranges from angry to attacking.
  • Rotting Young Dragon: A rotting young dragon, ranging from roaring to hunting.
  • Griffin Undead: An undead griffin that draws attention to itself or attacks.
  • Arch-Necromancer: The Chief Necromancer, an impressive figure.

This Epic Miniatures category is perfect for anyone who wants to add a dark and mysterious atmosphere to their games. Ideal for anyone looking for a challenge or who wants to tell their stories with a touch of horror.

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