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Fantasy Wild West Tabletop-Modelle von Epic Miniatures, hergestellt in Deutschland, bereit zum Bemalen und in atemberaubender 6K Auflösung gedruckt

Fantasy Wild West - Epic Tabletop Set #81

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"Fantasy Wild West" is a new and exciting subcategory of Epic Miniatures. With this update we present the entire second set called "Fantasy Wild West". As the name suggests, this set combines the Wild West and Fantasy themes.

The set contains over 50 tabletop models, all in 28mm Heroic Scale. The models have been printed with at least 6K resolution SLA and come in rough form for self-painting. Whether brave cowboys with magical abilities, mystical Native American shamans or fantastic creatures from the Wild West - this set offers a wealth of characters and creatures that will give your games a unique touch.

Like all our products, these models are "Made in Germany". We place a high value on quality and attention to detail and believe you will see this in every single model.

The "Fantasy Wild West" collection offers a fascinating mixture of classic Wild West elements and imaginative influences. This combination creates a unique tabletop experience that will delight both new and experienced players.

Discover the "Fantasy Wild West" collection from Epic Miniatures at and let your imagination run wild as you create your own adventures in this fantastic version of the Wild West.

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