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Miniaturfiguren für Slotcar Bahnen, Diorama Szenen, Modellschiffbau und andere Modellbauprojekte

Diorama miniature figures

3D printed miniature figures with a resolution of 6K to 12K resolution to paint yourself. Create lifelike scenes with our character miniatures

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Musik und Musikstars

music and music stars

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Welcome to the vibrant world of music and music stars, where each figure is more than just a replica - they are a tribute to the icons of the music scene and their unforgettable moments. Our 3D printed miniatures include a wide range of stars, musicians, with and without their signature instruments, designed to enrich dioramas or collections with a touch of rhythm and melody.

From rock legends and pop icons to classical virtuosos, our detailed miniatures capture the essence of each artist, accompanied by the precision and realism that only 3D printing can provide. These figures are compatible with various diorama scenarios, from intimate concert scenes to lively festival moments to quiet moments of musical inspiration.

Ideal for collectors, music lovers and model makers who want to incorporate their passion for music into their projects. Our miniatures offer a unique way to keep the musical passion and legacy of legendary musicians alive. Immerse yourself in the world of music, create your own miniature music festival, recreate famous concert moments or honor your music heroes in your personal diorama.

Explore our selection and find the perfect figures to make your musical dioramas sound. With our music and music star miniatures you can revive the world of music in miniature format.