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Miniaturfiguren für Slotcar Bahnen, Diorama Szenen, Modellschiffbau und andere Modellbauprojekte

Diorama miniature figures

3D printed miniature figures with a resolution of 6K to 12K resolution to paint yourself. Create lifelike scenes with our character miniatures

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Welcome to the landscape design category! Here you will find everything you need to create stunning and realistic tabletop scenes, dioramas and model landscapes. Whether you're a pro model builder or an avid beginner, we've got the right accessories for you.

In our assortment you will find a wide range of artificial grass in different heights, colors and textures. It is perfect for bringing your miniature landscapes with lush meadows or overgrown fields to life. You can trim or adjust the grass however you like to get the exact look you want.

In addition to artificial grass, we also offer a selection of model trees. From lush deciduous trees to barren winter trees - these trees allow you to depict any season and landscape in your diorama or tabletop scenario.

If you are looking for more details for your landscape design, then take a look at our selection of model stones and plants. Here you can find everything from tiny flowers and shrubs to realistic miniature rocks and stones. Ideal for adding an extra layer of realism and depth to your projects.

Whether you want to create a fantastic world for your tabletop game, build a historical diorama or design the perfect landscape for your model railway - you will find everything you need in this category. Discover the possibilities and let your creativity run free!