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Zwergische Tabletop Miniaturen - Tales of the Deep Vol. 1

Tales of the Deep – Vol. 1

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Explore the hidden depths of Tales of the Deep – Vol. 1, presented by The Printing Goes Ever On. This exclusive tabletop set invites you to a world of dwarves, their kings, brave adventurers and the majestic realms of Maznar. Crafted in high-resolution 3D SLA technology with at least 8K resolution, these characters and terrains come in gray, ready for you to bring to life with color.

The bundle contains:

  • Barvin – King of Maznar
  • Fjalar Stoneshard, advisor to King Barvin
  • King Dunnir
  • Mavir, the loyal guardian of King Dunnir
  • Dwarven Adventurers – Murdan and Drafnar
  • Dwarven command group
  • Dwarven Champion
  • Dwarven horn blower musician
  • Dwarven standard bearer
  • Treasure Guard Squad
  • spearmen
  • Shieldman

Dwarven terrains:

  • Mine entrance
  • Watchtower
  • Household


  • Little treasure pile
  • Big pile of treasure
  • Armor stand
  • Weapon rack


  • Dwarf King
  • Gates from Maznar Terrain

Embark on a journey through the fabled lands of the dwarves, create epic battles and bring to life the stories of courage, loyalty and untold treasure. "Tales of the Deep – Vol. 1" is not just a tabletop set, but a portal into a world full of adventure and legends. Ideal for fans of Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer and other tabletop games who want to enrich their gaming evenings with detailed miniatures and terrain.

Delivery without support structure! | At least 6K print resolution | Tabletop Miniatures | Tabletop Terrains | Tabletop buildings
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