Chapter 37 - Sands of the East - Vol. 2 -Tabletop

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Chapter 37 - Sands of the East - Vol. 2

Chapter 37 - Sands of the East - Vol. 2

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Chapter 37 - Sands of the East (Volume 2) offers an intriguing variety of tabletop miniatures. Conquer the desert with powerful creatures like the Gargantuan Roc (Mythical Creatures from the East), the Manticore (Persian Mythical Creatures) and the Efreeti (Spiritual Creatures). Expand your Eastern army with the majestic Eastern Emperor and his palanquin. The royal eastern building set offers you the opportunity to create an impressive backdrop for your battles.

Additionally, this chapter includes a selection of eastern combatants such as spearmen, archers, swordsmen, cataphracts (heavily armored horsemen) and horses that will strengthen your army. Unleash the fearsome Fire Salamanders and Sand Dragons on the field, and strengthen your forces with enslaved beings such as Slaves and Snake Cultists.

Dive into the mystical world of the Sands of the East and meet the powerful Serpent High Priest in different versions - on foot and on horseback. Uncover the mysteries of the desert with the enigmatic Eastern Princess, available in both Lady and Assassin robes.

Each miniature is crafted to the highest level of detail using SLA printing technology. They come in gray color and are waiting to be painted by yourself to give them your personal touch. Venture into the sands of the east and experience epic tabletop battles with this extensive selection of miniatures!

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