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Tribal Realms - Tabletop Szenerie

Chapter 38 - Tribal Areas

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Immerse yourself in the exciting worlds of tabletop games with the exclusive set "Chapter 38 - Tribal Realms" from the renowned designer The Printing Goes Ever On. This unique tabletop miniature set is a perfect addition to your existing range and brings the harsh atmosphere of the savannah directly to your gaming table. With impressive tabletop buildings and characters designed in the style of the tabletop savannah, this set has everything you need to start your adventure in the Tribal Realms.

The set consists of:

- A tribal warleader, both on foot and mounted
- Four camel riders who rule the desert
- Six brave tribal warriors, ready to defend their territory
- Five impressive War Camels carrying their riders into battle
- Five fearsome Half-Trolls who show no mercy
- A farm camel that is essential to the survival of the tribal community
- Two detailed Tribal Hut terrain pieces that add depth to the scenery

Character description:

In the past, the Camel Tribe was a small community that lived in the savannah. But then a man named Eze made the decision to expand the tribe to satisfy his insatiable lust for power. He rode a majestic war camel named Lebo, a beast as fearless as his master, and together they formed an unstoppable force.

Initially, Eze united several smaller tribes through intimidation and conquest. But over time the brutality of his attacks escalated. Eze and his camel-mounted warriors plundered every village they could find when drought forced the tribe to migrate north. When they discovered a large enough settlement, they killed any outsiders and took over.

Over the years, Eze's power grew and he expanded his territory, subjugating neighboring tribes and establishing his dominance over large stretches of the savannah. Despite his power, Eze was a lonely figure. He had no real allies, only subjects who feared him.

One day, Eze woke up and saw a swarm of massive Half-Trolls coming towards him. And right in front of them, a young man with determined eyes...

“I will slaughter the weakness from your hearts!” - Eze
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