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Chivalry Garden" Sets von EPIC Miniatures

Chivalry Garden" sets by EPIC Miniatures

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#82 "Chivalry Garden" sets by EPIC Miniatures

The "Chivalry Garden" set from EPIC Miniatures is a collection of tabletop miniatures anchored in the world of medieval times and chivalry. It combines elements of classic chivalry with fantastical creatures and landscape design elements.

Main components of the set:

1. OpenLOCK Tabletop Tiles and Walls: With these compatible tiles, walls and players can design their own labyrinths and structures for their game worlds.

2. Chivalry Garden Tabletop Scatter: A set of smaller pieces used to detail a royal garden.

3. Tabletop Miniatures:

Tabletop Knights and Nobles:

  • Centaur knights in different equipments like bow and spear.
  • Knight of Hearts in actions such as attack and defense.
  • Gallant cat that parries and attacks.
  • Legendary horse mount in different movements.
  • Several individualized knights including Sir Tristan, Rook Knight, Lady Joan, Lady Gisella, Horsekin Knights, Sir Rollant and Sir Lancelot. Each of these characters is shown in different poses and with different weapons.

Fantastic Tabletop Creatures:

  • Long-beaked griffin that lands, attacks, or is simply presented.
  • The majestic Mirage Dragon, a huge miniature shown in various actions such as flying, breathing fire and resting.

These tabletop miniatures are finely crafted and offer a great level of detail that makes them ideal for games, dioramas or simply for display. The "Chivalry Garden" set is a must for lovers of the Middle Ages and those who want to enrich their tabletop games with high-quality miniatures.

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