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Elemental Lands #94

Elemental Lands #94

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Welcome to the world of "Elemental Lands", a fascinating category of Epic Miniatures. It's all about the four different elements, geniuses and fantasy dinosaurs! The first new set in this category includes 50 unique miniatures.

What's waiting for you:

  • Pterosaur Dragon: A prehistoric dragon that rules the skies.
  • Red Dragon Wyrmling in various poses: sleeping, lighting fire and more.
  • Fire Elemental Female: A powerful female fire elemental, in various magical poses.
  • Fire Dwarf: A fiery dwarven warrior, both at rest and in battle.
  • Hammertail Dinosaur: A massive dinosaur with various actions.
  • Elemental Earth: A powerful earth elemental in various attack poses.
  • Dino Knight: A bold knight in the world of dinosaurs.
  • Rockhead Dinosaur: An imposing dinosaur, roaring and alert.
  • Magma Spawn: A liquid lava creature, in various magical states.
  • Lava Whale: A gigantic whale made of lava in multiple poses.
  • Elemental Air: An airy elemental that knows magic and attacks.
  • Dwarf Wind Mage Female: A dwarf mage who harnesses the power of wind.
  • Marid Classic: A classical genius, master of water.
  • Water Elemental Female: A female water elemental, masterful in her use of her element.
  • Young Efreeti: A young fire genius, full of magic and mockery.
  • Fire Genasi Female: A fire genasi in various fighting poses.
  • Primordial Phoenix: An ancient phoenix in various majestic states.

This collection is perfect for anyone looking to enrich their games with a mix of elemental magic, mythical creatures and ancient dinosaurs. Immerse yourself in this world full of adventure and magic!

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