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#86 - Bandit Camp

#86 - Bandit Camp

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Welcome to the Bandit Camp chapter of Epic Miniatures! It's all about encounters with bandits, robbers and other scoundrels. Perfect for adding excitement and challenge to your tabletop games. You'll find everything you need for a lively bandit camp here, from simple tents to heavily armed marauders.

Key parts of the warehouse:

  • Bandit Stronghold: The fortress where the bandit leader is likely located.
  • Bandit Camp Fortification: Palisades and defensive structures.
  • Bandit Camp Tents: Various tents where the bandits live.
  • Bandit Camp Scatter: Various small parts that breathe life into the camp.

Human and Humanoid Bandits:

  • Coast Bandits: Bandits who carry out their raids along the coasts.
  • Young Bandits: Young, inexperienced robbers, but they should not be underestimated.

Beastly and Monstrous Bandits:

  • Marauder Trolls: Huge trolls that pose a serious threat with their weapons.
  • Boar Folk Outlaws: Bandits with boar traits, tough and brutal.
  • Mice Folk Raider: Small but cunning mouse warriors who are fast and unpredictable.

Special characters and mythical creatures:

  • Mimic Outhouse and Mimic Treasure: Deceptive objects that disguise themselves as normal things but are actually monsters.
  • Masked Bandits: Mysterious figures who hide their true identities.
  • Dwarf Tieflings: Dwarf Tieflings that offer a unique combination of strength and magical abilities.

And many more!

With these miniatures you can bring your tabletop world to life and experience unforgettable adventures. Whether you're planning an ambush or want the heroes to dig up a bandit camp, everything is possible with these figures!