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Chapter 43 - Silver Shores

Chapter 43 - Silver Shores

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Chapter 43 - Silver Shores

Explore the stunning Silver Coasts with this set of The Printing Goes Ever On. High-quality 3D SLA miniatures and terrain pieces in a minimum resolution of 6K offer endless possibilities for your tabletop adventures.


  • Cerwyn, the Ship Old One
  • Cerwyn's Study - Diorama piece
  • Ancient Sea Dragon - Gigantic Monster
  • 6x Elven Guardians (spear and sword variants)
  • 2x Elven Duelists
  • 2x Elven Stormcaller Mage
  • 3x Elven Mounted Archers
  • 3x Elf Coast Ranger
  • 2x elf navigator
  • 2x Elven Shipbuilders
  • 2x Elven Knowledge Master
  • 2x elf healer
  • 2x elf townspeople
  • 2x dolphin
  • Elven Ship - Large
  • Elf boat
  • Elven Lighthouse Terrain Piece
  • Elf gazebo terrain piece
  • 2x Elf Lampposts - Scattered Terrain
  • Elven Guard - Retro model from Chapter 4
  • Brightwood Ranger - Retro model from Chapter 9

Immerse yourself in the world of the Silver Coast and experience epic adventures with these fascinating miniatures and terrain pieces.

Delivery without support structure! | At least 6K print resolution | Tabletop Miniatures | Tabletop Terrains | Tabletop buildings
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