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Chapter 40 - Gates of Evil

Chapter 40 - Gates of Evil

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Enter the dark world of "Chapter 40 - Gates of Evil" from the creative forge of The Printing Goes Ever On. This comprehensive set brings exceptional depth and drama to your tabletop game. A collection of exquisite tabletop miniatures and buildings, it is the perfect addition to any fantasy tabletop game.

The set includes:

  • Saucar the Dark Overlord : An impressive miniature that perfectly captures the sinister aura of Saucar.
  • Herald of Saucar : Available both on foot and mounted to bolster your army with his sinister presence.
  • 5x Shadow Knight : These elite warriors are perfect for sowing fear in the hearts of your opponents.
  • 4x Shadow Knight - mounted : Riding their fearsome mounts, they are an impressive presence on the battlefield.
  • 5x Morthan Warhorse : These battle-ready horses bring a new dynamic to your cavalry.
  • Morthan Troll Champion : A huge, fearsome creature that will shake your enemies.
  • Disguised Halflings - Samuel and Falco : Two characters who enrich every battle with their charm and cunning.
  • Gate of Shadows - Modular Terrain Set : A versatile terrain set that gives your playing field a dark atmosphere.
  • Sculpted Bases : Each figure stands on an intricately designed base that highlights their individuality.
Each element of this set is a tribute to the skill and creativity of The Printing Goes Ever On. The detailed tabletop miniatures and buildings are not only a visual enrichment, but also offer a wealth of strategic possibilities that take your tabletop game to a new level. Dive into the Gates of Evil and experience epic adventures and battles!

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