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Chapter 29 - Forces of Evil - Vol. 1

Chapter 29 - Forces of Evil - Vol. 1

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This "Chapter" of "The Printing Goes Ever On" opens a dark and menacing world full of sinister creatures and fearsome war machines. In "Chapter 29 - Forces of Evil - Vol. 1" some of the most fearsome and powerful creatures that can be found in the world of tabletop games await you.

Begin your journey with the Assault Orcs - Full Set, an impressive collection of 28 highly detailed models. Each model has been carefully crafted to reflect the fierce and brutal nature of these creatures.

The "War Trolls" and the "Great Purple Wyrm" are incredibly powerful creatures, capable of breaching even the strongest defenses. The Wraithbeast, on the other hand, is a terrifying, shadowy creature that strikes terror into its opponents.

The Small Orc Siege Tower is a formidable war machine designed to breach enemy walls and pave the way for the orcish hordes. The Horned Beast of Groz is another monster ready to charge into battle and wreak havoc.

Last but not least, this chapter also includes a "Giant Rats Set", a group of incredibly large rats that pose a serious threat to anyone caught unprepared.

All this and much more awaits you in "Chapter 29 - Forces of Evil - Vol. 1". Immerse yourself in this dark and menacing world and lead your armies into battle!

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