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Chapter 41 – Halfling Rebellion

Chapter 41 - Halfling Rebellion

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Chapter 41 - Halfling Rebellion

In "Chapter 41 - Halfling Rebellion" you can expect captivating tabletop adventures, designed by "The Printing Goes Ever On". This set offers high-quality 3D SLA miniatures and terrain pieces in a minimum resolution of 6K. The gray coloring allows you to unleash your creative painting skills.

The bundle contains:

  • Falco - heroic costume on foot and mounted
  • Samuel - heroic costume on foot and mounted
  • Mippin - Mounted
  • Perry - Mounted
  • Giant bull frog
  • Halfling sheriff on foot and mounted
  • 4x Halfling Militia
  • 4x halfling community
  • 3x Halfling Archer
  • 5x Greenshire Pony
  • Saligastir - Undercover wizard
  • Grimhelm - Undercover
  • 3x Saligastir's henchmen
  • Halfling house terrain set, including furniture

Immerse yourself in the world of halflings and their rebellion. With these miniatures and terrain pieces, you can create epic battles and adventures that inspire your imagination.

Delivery without support structure! | At least 6K print resolution | Tabletop Miniatures | Tabletop Terrains | Tabletop buildings
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