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Immerse yourself in the tabletop era of the past, modern and future with detailed 3D printed miniatures, buildings and vehicles. Bring history to life!

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Zweiter Weltkrieg

Second World War

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Welcome to the fascinating world of World War II, presented by Eskice Miniature. In this category you will discover an extraordinary selection of tabletop miniature figures, buildings and vehicles, which was specially designed for lovers of historical wargames and detailed replicas.

Eskice Miniature stands for precision and passion, which is reflected in every single miniature. From brave soldiers to impressive tanks to detailed aircraft, our 3D printed figures offer an unparalleled level of detail and historical accuracy. These miniatures are not only collectibles, but also key elements for strategic game worlds that bring the drama and challenges of World War II to the gaming table.

In addition to the miniature figures, our range also includes a variety of buildings and vehicles that bring the theaters of war to life. From ruined city ruins to rural farmhouses, each model is carefully crafted to capture the atmosphere of the period and offers numerous possibilities for scenarios and dioramas.

Whether you want to recreate historical battles, create your own campaign, or simply expand your collection, you'll find the perfect items to express your passion for history and tabletop wargaming at Eskice Miniature. Immerse yourself in the detailed and historically inspired world of Eskice Miniature and experience World War II like never before.