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Miniaturfiguren für Slotcar Bahnen, Diorama Szenen, Modellschiffbau und andere Modellbauprojekte

Diorama miniature figures

3D printed miniature figures with a resolution of 6K to 12K resolution to paint yourself. Create lifelike scenes with our character miniatures

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Our "Tools for miniatures, tabletop or other hobbies" category offers a wide range of special tools designed to facilitate fine detail work on small objects or models. These tools are ideal for hobbyists of all kinds including model builders, tabletop gamers, artists and crafters.

In this category you will find everything from precision knives and files to brushes and modeling tools. These tools are designed to work on the finest details in the smallest of spaces, making them essential tools for anyone working with miniatures or small models.

Tabletop players will appreciate the range of tools for assembling, painting and modifying their characters. Model makers can choose from a variety of tools to create and refine their models, from airplanes and cars to buildings and landscapes.

Artists and craftsmen can also benefit from the highly precise tools in this category, designed for fine detail work from jewelry making to fine woodwork and more.

Whether you are a seasoned hobbyist or just starting your first miniature or tabletop project, our Tools for Miniatures, Tabletop or Other Hobby category has the tools you need to turn your creative visions into reality.