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Sinister Harbor - #92

Sinister Harbor - #92

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Welcome to “Sinister Harbor” – a harbor that not only impresses with its dark and void-like atmosphere, but also with its variety of fascinating and mysterious figures and structures.

What's waiting for you:

  • Dark Ship Calypso : A mysterious ship that holds tales of mystery and darkness.
  • Harbor Building & Fisherman House : Buildings that characterize harbor life.
  • Catwalk & Harbor Boats : Jetties and boats that underline the flair of the harbor.
  • Harbor Merchants & Crane & Tent : Lively harbor activities with merchants, a crane and a tent.
  • Lighthouse & Light-Tower : Lighthouses that show the way through the darkness.
  • Harbor Scatter : Various small parts that breathe life into the harbor.
  • Docks Ogre : A giant ogre in various poses that adds extra tension to the docks.
  • Dark Fish Folk & Kobold Pirate Crew : Mysterious creatures and pirates who make the dark waters and jetties unsafe.
  • Turtle Folk Necromancer & Hammer Shark Folk : Magical and dangerous creatures from the deep.
  • Harbor Workers : The hard-working souls of the harbor.
  • Whale Cat & Shark Dog : Unique animal companions with a maritime touch.
  • Void Leviathan & Octoblin : Gigantic and smaller creatures from the depths of the Void.
  • Merfolk Champion : A heroic champion of the Merfolk.

This set from Epic Miniatures has everything you need for a port adventure in a dark and mysterious world. Ideal for players and game masters who want to enrich their games with a distinctive atmosphere and characters.

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