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Tabletop Game - Nightsky Carnival

Nightsky circus

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EPIC Miniatures - Tabletop - Nightsky Carnival

Welcome to "Nightsky Carnival" - a fantasy tabletop theme full of horror and circus magic! Immerse yourself in a world where the line between dream and nightmare blurs. With this set you get over 52 breathtaking tabletop game miniatures that transform your tabletop world into a whimsical and spooky carnival landscape.

The tabletop highlights:

- Mardi Gras tents
- Carnival rides
- Carnival booths
- Scatter objects of the carnival
- Ringmaster in different poses
- An impressive orc muscle man
- A mysterious cat magician
- Mischievous goblin clowns
- A hard-drinking centaur
- Creepy living dolls
- Elf acrobats with breathtaking tricks
- A bear that does more than just growl
- A mighty lion and a halfling to tame him
- A dwarf who dares to be shot from cannons
- And don't forget the horror clown that will cast a spell over you...

Are you looking for perfect tabletop miniatures for your next tabletop game? Then you are exactly right here! All these miniatures and terrains are exclusively available as 3D printed models from []( - the official dealer of EPIC Miniatures. Order now and let yourself be enchanted by the "Nightsky Carnival".

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