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New World Conquest - #89

New World Conquest - #89

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Discover "New World Conquest", a category that takes you into the world of fantasy conquistadors! This set is perfect to combine with our previous Aztec themed sets to create a stunning setting.

In this chapter you'll find everything you need to create your own epic new world adventures:

Treasure Galleon : Sail the seas and transport valuable treasures.
Female Parrots : Three different poses of these colorful bird creatures singing, shooting or just showing off their splendor.
Dwarven Invader : These sturdy conquerors come in three stances - ready to explore the new lands.
New World Cleric : Pious healers who can cast both blessings and curses.
Jungle River Fishfolk : Aquatic creatures of the Jungle River, lurking in the depths.
Conquest Leader : The leader of the conquerors, an imposing presence in battle and with treasure.
Native Jungle Champion : The champion of the natives, strong in magic and combat.
Young Conquistador : Young conquerors who act bravely with firearms and in hand-to-hand combat.
Predatory dog : Loyal companions when hunting, jumping or running.
Jungle Troll : Menacing creatures that make the jungle unsafe with their roars and attacks.
Conquistador : Ready to go into battle with muskets and sabers.
Apex Rainforest Cat : The apex predators of the rainforest, cunning and dangerous.
Armadillo Conquistador : Armored conquerors in various poses, including when attacking.
Exotic Rainforest Creature : Exotic creatures of the rainforest that climb and attract attention.
Crocodilefolk Warriors : Crocodile warriors armed with axes and hammers.
Musketeer Adventurers : Adventurous musketeers in various combat poses.
Urvogel : Primordial terror birds in a threatening posture.

Add a new dimension to your tabletop games with these unique miniatures and write your own story of conquest.

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