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Slave Lance Rider - Tabletop Miniature

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Product description

Plunge into the captivating chapter of Planar Adventures with the stunning Slave Lance Rider miniatures for tabletop gaming! This brave slave rebel is a true master at riding astral beings during epic Spelljammer battles.

The "Slave Lance Rider" Miniature (Large) shows the rider in impressive size and detail. With his skillful handling of the astral being he rides, he is a dangerous adversary to any foe. His determination and skill are captured in every detail of the miniature.

The "Star Shark Mount" Miniature (Large) represents the majestic astral being on which the "Slave Lance Rider" rides. This dangerous and elegant creature is ready to face the battles of the Spelljammer world.

With the "Star Shark Mount Hunt" Miniature (Large) you can recreate the moment when the "Slave Lance Rider" hunts his prey on his Star Shark Mount and boldly goes into battle.

These high-quality miniatures were made in Germany using 3D SLA printing processes and a resolution of at least 6K. The gray material provides the ideal canvas for your artwork and allows you to customize your miniatures.

Conquer the depths of the Astral and immerse yourself in the exciting stories and encounters that await you in the Planar Adventures chapter. With the "Slave Lance Rider" and "Star Shark Mount" miniatures at your side, you can prepare yourself for unforgettable battles and fully enjoy the excitement of the Spelljammer world.

Don't miss this opportunity to expand your miniature collection with these unique figures and get ready for the exciting challenges of Planar Adventures. Order today and let the adventures begin! Buying a tabletop in Germany has never been so easy and exciting as with the "Slave Lance Rider" and "Star Shark Mount" miniatures!

product features

in grey, unpainted to paint yourself
51mm base
Each version incl. rider


Just a little hint for you: The miniatures come to you unpainted and some of them have to be assembled by yourself - a bit of superglue can work wonders here! Sometimes there can be small residues or slight damage caused by the support structures, unfortunately these cannot always be completely avoided. But don't worry, this will not affect the quality of your model.

However, it should be noted that with the 3D SLA printing process, there can be slight distortions (up to 1mm) for larger parts. However, these small imperfections are easy to fix with modeling putty (Green Stuff).
It's just a small part of the process that gives your set a unique character. Have fun painting and assembling!

While the figures are fun to play with, it is important to remember that they are not suitable for young children. There is a risk that small parts can break off. Miniatures should not be considered toys.

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