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The Fascinating World of Tabletop Bases: A Comprehensive Guide

Tabletop Bases und Bits bei

Guido Sommerkamp |

In the exciting world of tabletop gaming, miniature bases are more than just a base. They are a central part of the gaming experience that can influence the aesthetics, tactics and even narrative of a game. In this expanded article, we take a deeper look at the different "Tabletop Base" sizes and their importance in a variety of games.

The importance of "Tabletop Base" size

The size of a "Tabletop Base" can vary depending on the scale of the miniature and the specific game. It's not just a question of optics, but also of game mechanics. The base size determines how the miniature interacts on the field, affecting lines of vision and areas of movement.

Small tabletop base: precision and detail

The 20mm bases are ideal for games that use smaller scales such as 15mm or 20mm, such as historical tabletop games. They make it possible to set up dense formations, which is particularly important for strategy and war games.

Tabletop base 25.5mm or 30mm
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The 25mm round bases are a standard in the 28mm scale world, used in games like "Warhammer 40,000" and "Age of Sigmar" for standard infantry. This base size allows players to express themselves in painting and modeling and brings out the fine details of the miniatures.

Mid-sized bases: flexibility and versatility

30mm bases are slightly larger and are used in games like "Malifaux" and "Infinity". This size gives the figures more presence and allows for more complex and dynamic poses.

25.5mm bases are often used in role-playing games such as “Dungeons & Dragons”. They fit perfectly into the standard game grids and make it easier to move and position characters on the field.

Large bases: stability and presence

For larger models, 40mm, 50mm and 51mm bases are used. These sizes are ideal for impressive hero figures or smaller monsters. They not only offer the necessary stability, but also enough space for creative base design.

Monumental Bases: Epic Representations

The largest models in games like "Warhammer 40,000" and "Age of Sigmar" require 60mm, 76.5mm and even 102mm bases. These sizes are necessary to ensure stability for massive models while providing a huge canvas for creative design and impressive landscape work.

large base
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Special shapes and their applications

In addition to the traditional round and square bases, there are also oval and hexagonal bases. Oval bases are often used for cavalry units or fast attack troops, while hexagonal bases are useful in strategic wargames to allow precise targeting.

The importance of the "Tabletop Base" in the hobby community

For many hobbyists, designing their “tabletop base” is an essential part of the creative process. A well-designed base can tell a story, highlight the character of the miniature and enhance the overall look of the army. There are a variety of techniques and materials that can be used for base design, from simple grass flakes to complex dioramas.

Conclusion: More than just a base

The "Tabletop Base" is a fascinating aspect of the tabletop hobby. Not only does it influence the aesthetics and mechanics of a game, but it also provides a platform for creativity and individuality. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the world of tabletop gaming, the right choice and design of your bases can greatly enrich and deepen your gaming experience.

With this comprehensive understanding of the different "tabletop base" sizes and their applications, we hope you enjoy exploring the diverse world of tabletop games and the countless possibilities they offer.

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