Tabletop Epic Battles - -Sands of the East - Part 2

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Epic tabletop battles: Discover Chapter 37 - Sands of the East - Part 2 of The Printing Goes Ever On, now at!

Tabletop -Sands of the East - Teil 2 von The Printing Goes Ever On

Guido Sommerkamp |

Dear tabletop fans,

We are thrilled to announce that this is long awaited Chapter 37 - Sands of the East - Part 2 of The Printing Goes Ever On is now available at!

This exciting tabletop chapter is the perfect sequel to the popular Chapter 36 and takes you back in the mysterious world of the sands of the east.

Chapter 37 contains an intriguing variety of miniatures and Terrains that will take your tabletop games to the next level. conquer the desert with powerful and highly detailed beings like the Gargantuan Roc, the majestic Manticore and the mysterious Efreeti. Those miniatures bring the sands of the east to life and promise epic ones Battles and exciting challenges for your armies.

But that's not all! With the Eastern Emperor and his impressive palanquins you can expand your eastern army and create an impressive backdrop for your battles. The Royal eastern building set will allow you to create an authentic and stunning to create environment.

The range of eastern combatants such as spearmen, archers, swordsmen and cataphracts (heavily armored horsemen). strengthen your armed forces and offer a variety of tactical options.

But that is not all! The dangerous ones Fire salamanders and majestic sand drakes will appear on your playing field rage and provide excitement and action. In addition, you can bring your troops with you enslaved beings like slaves and mysterious snake cultists.

In the mystical world of the Sands of the East awaits you the powerful Serpent High Priest in various forms - on foot and mounted. Uncover the mysteries of the desert with the mysterious Eastern Princess who comes in both Lady and Assassin robes.

You can now all these impressive Tabletop miniatures and terrains exclusively at as high quality Buy 3D printing. Individual-3D is proud to bring you the latest works from To be able to present The Printing Goes Ever On.

Visit our official website , to learn more about Chapter 37 and other exciting news from the world of to learn about tabletops. Also discover other great works by The Printing Goes Ever On on their page . Dive into the world of tabletops and experience unforgettable battles!

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