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World Explorers: Couple with Map Miniature Figures

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Product description

Discover our "World Explorers: Couple with Map Miniature", the perfect addition to any diorama that captures the theme of travel and adventure. This figure represents a travel-loving couple - a woman in a dress holding a map and a man pointing at something in the distance. Together they form the ideal representation of the joy of discovery and wanderlust.

Available in the standard sizes 1:64, 1:43, 1:32 and 1:24 and also in other sizes on request, this miniature figure designed for you to paint yourself offers an excellent opportunity to add individual accents to your diorama. Manufactured using a precise 3D printing process, the figures are characterized by their attention to detail and quality.

Product features

3D SLA printing
In grey to paint yourself

Diorama Ideas

  1. As part of a travel or holiday themed diorama
  2. Supplement for collections of miniature figures from the tourism and adventure sector
  3. Source of inspiration for stories and scenes in model making around the theme of travel
  4. Educational material for geographical and cultural education projects

Suitable environment:

  • Travel and holiday scenes
  • Urban and rural landscapes
  • Cultural and geographical exhibitions


    Even if the miniature figures encourage you to play, please make sure that small children do not play with them! Small parts can break off at any time. Miniature figures are not toys!

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