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Knight of the Sun (Male) – Miniature (Set of 4) 28/32mm

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Product description

Knight of the Sun (Male) – Miniature Set of 3

Brighten up your tabletop battles with the glorious set of 3 Knights of the Sun miniatures. These male warrior figures, available in 28mm and 32mm scales, are a majestic addition to any Dungeons & Dragons campaign and are compatible with 5th Edition D&D. Each figure is carefully 3D SLA printed and comes in a neutral gray tone, ready to be painted by you in the colors of your choice.

1) Knight of the Sun with saber and shield: This miniature shows a brave warrior equipped with a sturdy shield and a sharp saber. He is ready to face any challenge and defend his allies with courage and strength.

2) Knight of the Sun with lance and shield: This knight embodies dignity and discipline. With his lance and shield, he is a symbol of tactical skill and unwavering determination on the battlefield.

3) Knight of the Sun with Dual Sabers: A figure of impressive skill and agility, this knight wields dual sabers with a mastery that strikes fear into enemies and inspires allies.

This set offers a versatile selection of warrior miniatures, perfect for enriching your game nights with exciting scenarios and visually stunning depictions. Whether used in heated battles or proudly displayed, these Knights of the Sun are sure to become the shining centerpiece of your miniatures collection.

Product features

3D SLA/FDM printing
In gray to paint yourself
28mm or 32mm Heroic Scale
without base


Just a little note for you: The miniatures come to you unpainted and some of them have to be assembled yourself - a little superglue can work wonders here! Sometimes there may be small residues or slight damage caused by the support structures, but unfortunately these cannot always be completely avoided.

But don't worry, this won't affect the quality of your model.

However, it should be noted that due to the 3D SLA or FDM printing process, there may be slight distortions (up to 1.5mm) in larger parts. However, these small imperfections are easily repaired with modeling putty (Green Stuff).

It's just a small part of the process that gives your set a unique character. Have fun painting and assembling!


Even though the figures are great to play with, it is important to remember that they are not suitable for small children. There is a risk that small parts could break off. Miniatures should not be viewed as toys.

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