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Respectful Racer Pose 5 | Miniature figure

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model scale

Product description

Let your artistic side blossom with our Racer Miniature Figure, the fifth in our exclusive series of ten poses. This standing figure, with one hand respectfully behind his back, embodies elegance and style coupled with the signature elements of modern racing, including the Hans system and a helmet.

Painted by yourself, this figure offers a personal touch to your collection. Manufactured using the 3D printing process, it impresses with its attention to detail and high quality. Available exclusively in our shop on, customized sizes are also possible upon request.

Compatible with various slot car miniature tracks.

Product features

3D SLA printing
In gray to paint yourself

Possible uses:

  1. As a central element in dioramas
  2. As decoration for slot car racing tracks
  3. As a personalized gift for motorsport lovers
  4. As a craft project for families
  5. As a collector's item for miniature vehicle enthusiasts


Even if the miniature figures encourage play, please make sure that small children do not play with them! Small parts can always break off. Miniature figures are not toys!

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