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10 x magnets 5 x 1 mm or 5 x 2 mm for the modular Print Mini System

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Product description

Are you looking for a flexible solution to expand your modular tabletop systems like Brinklands Barricade? Then our 5 x 1 mm magnets are just right for you.

The 5 x 2 mm magnets are suitable for the Print Mini modular containers!

These magnets fit perfectly with your Print Minis models and open up a world of possibilities. You can connect the main parts together without permanent glue, which gives you unlimited flexibility when designing your tabletop landscapes.

With the 5 x 1 mm magnets, you are no longer tied to a fixed construction, but can exchange and reuse the parts as you wish. Whether you want to expand your setup, swap out an element, or create a whole new landscape - there are no limits to what you can do with these magnets.

Rely on our magnets and make your tabletop experience even more versatile. Bring your gaming world to life with the Print Minis and enjoy the freedom to adapt them to your liking at any time. You will love how easy and flexible these magnets are to use. Try it!


product properties

5mm x 1mm Neodyn Magnet (10 pieces)
5mm x 2mm Neodyn Magnet (10 pieces)


CAUTION: These magnets are really small and can be dangerous. They pose a CHOKING HAZARD and are definitely not for children under 3 years of age. Please keep them out of the reach of small children at all times.

If you accidentally swallow one or more magnets, they can stick together in the intestinal tract, causing serious injury or even death. Please seek medical attention immediately if you suspect you have swallowed a magnet.

These small magnets create strong magnetic fields. They can interfere with electronic devices, medical devices and data carriers. Be careful and keep them away from pacemakers, credit cards, hard drives, old TVs, computer screens, and similar devices.

Please note that magnets are not indestructible. A fall or hit can break them. They are also sensitive to heat and can lose their power or even be destroyed at high temperatures. Be careful and keep them away from heat sources.

Please read these warnings carefully and follow them to ensure your safety and to minimize the risk of injury and property damage. Keep these tips safe, they might be useful in the future.

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