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Bitter Nightshade - Tabletop Miniatur Fraktion

Bitter Nightshade - Tabletop Miniatures

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"Bitter Nightshade" from Print Minis brings you a universe full of 28mm scale tabletop miniatures including armies, carriers, vehicles and buildings. With the modern 3D SLA printing process, these miniatures are manufactured with high detail and precision.

The Bitter Nightshades are an all-female gang that rule vast swathes of the undercity using extreme violence and poison. But those aren't the only weapons in their arsenal. In their ranks they have magic-users who are shrouded in mystery and highly revered. Some of them can use necromancy to raise the dead, while others can see into the murky future using the dark arts!

Dive into the world of Bitter Nightshades and create your own stories and battles on the tabletop!