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Space Horde Tabletop Ork und Goblin Armee

Space Horde Tabletop Miniatures Set

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Welcome to the exciting world of Space Horde Tabletop Miniature Sets! In this fascinating universe you will encounter Orcs & Goblins like never before - in space! With a breathtaking level of detail, printed in at least 6K resolution using 3D SLA technology, this set offers you 33 unique models just waiting for you to paint them in vivid colour. These miniatures are perfect for a variety of tabletop wargames including Warhammer 40,000, Star Wars: Legion, Infinity, Starfinder, and of course, your own custom game.

In this extraordinary tabletop fractons set you will find a variety of figures:

  • Orc Officer: This brutal tactician figure leads the regiment of Orc soldiers into battle.
  • Orc Veteran: Marked by the experiences of the Jungle Wars, this orc warrior will be changed forever.
  • Orc Valkyrie: Under no circumstances should you encounter an Orc Valkyrie on the battlefield - the chances of survival are slim.
  • Orc Mechanic: Without them there would be no repaired vehicles and war machines.
  • Orc Berserk: With his overwhelming fury and numerous cybernetic enhancements, he has survived countless battles.
  • Orc Battle Shaman: This character is there to boost the morale of troops on the battlefield.
  • Orc Dreadnought: This fearsome warrior crushes his enemies with heavy armor and weapons.
  • Orc Tank: They may look cheap, but never underestimate the firepower of an Orc Tank!
  • Space Goblin: Small but mighty! Don't let these little creatures fool you, they're hard to hit.
  • Goblin Battle Shaman: Like the orcs, the goblins have their own battle shaman, only angrier.
  • Orc Beast Rider: Some orcs ride into battle on warbeasts - hopefully they'll catch you before the beasts do.
  • Orc Battlewagon: This heavy battle wagon delivers supplies and reinforcements to the front lines.
  • Orc Mech Beast: It is usually the orc commanders who control these one-man mobile fortresses.
  • Goblin Mech Beast: These little goblins have built a terrifying war machine with unmatched killing potential.
  • Autopilot Mech Beast: Even if this mech loses its driver, it keeps fighting. To stop them, you must take out the Orc Commander's control armor.

Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer to the tabletop world, the Space Horde Tabletop Miniatures Set will take your games to a whole new level. Dive into the exciting world of orcs & goblins in space and let your imagination become reality!

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