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Tabletop Miniaturen Set Cosmic Pirates

Cosmic Pirates

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The Cosmic Pirates tabletop set contains an exciting collection of 28 models that will transport you to a world of adventure and danger in outer space. The Pirate Ship is a large but agile spaceship equipped with all manner of weapons and featuring a playable interior and "tactical size (smaller)". The tabletop space ship navigator calls himself the navigator of pirates, but he's also not shy about raiding other ships.

The Tabletop Cosmic Pirate is the captain of the pirate ship and you must choose between joining his crew and taking part in space raids or helping the Galactic Police stop his crimes. The Tabletop Space Bandit is a pro at dirty jobs who over the years has lost all inhibitions to kill.

The Tabletop Space Cartel Leader is a crime boss who has augmented almost his entire body with cybernetic parts, losing much of his humanity in the process. The Tabletop Space Assault Aircraft is a spacecraft built by the Galactic Police, designed for planetary defense and capable of defeating pirate ships.

The Tabletop Galactic Police Female is a female galactic police officer who hunts pirates and other outlaws in space, flying in one of the dreaded attack planes. The Tabletop Fluffy Outlaw Crew may look cute, but they are some of the most feared pirates in space. They have no concept of ownership and take whatever they want.

The Tabletop Space Warper is a girl with telekinetic abilities that can open small portals. Your skills could be the missing key to immediate space travel. Order the Cosmic Pirates tabletop set now and experience the excitement and thrill of space pirate life!

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