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Tabletop miniatures

Tabletop miniatures, terrain, vehicles and accessories in 3D printing for your games

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Shipping Container Kits - Versandcontainer - Tabletop Miniaturen

Shipping Container Kits - Shipping Containers - Tabletop Miniatures

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The shipping containers are a must for any gaming table and with our modular design you can have a huge variety of them! Medical Station, Food Station, Armory Storage and Prison Cell are just some of the many options we will be offering in our shop. They feature interior detailing and are made from highly detailed resin printing.

  • Modular design
  • Working door with hinges for forward opening
  • Default container segment
  • Container segment with module opening & fan detail
  • Container segment with a window hatch
  • Container segment with a double window hatch
  • End piece for the container
  • Windows for the container, with working resin chains to hold open or close
  • Indoor handrail, container labels and stacking piece

Fits the Colossus Heavy Transporter or our 'Food Truck - Shipping Container Conversion Kit' so check the container contents in our shop listings first as you may not need to purchase everything separately.