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Miniaturfiguren für Slotcar Bahnen, Diorama Szenen, Modellschiffbau und andere Modellbauprojekte

Diorama miniature figures

3D printed miniature figures with a resolution of 6K to 12K resolution to paint yourself. Create lifelike scenes with our character miniatures

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Tabletop Miniaturen "Red Planet Colony" by Invictus Miniature

Red Planet Colony

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Red Planet Colony - Extraordinary Science Fiction Tabletop Miniatures

Welcome to the Red Planet Colony category by Individual-3D! Here you will find a complete set of science fiction tabletop miniatures created and licensed by creative designers. Our miniatures are perfect for tabletop players, tabletop fans and sci-fi fans looking for extraordinary designs.

This output consists of the following sizes:

Gargantuan+ Gargantuan huge Large medium
1 1 8th 1 19

Our Red Planet Colony miniatures are of the highest quality and feature a variety of designs created by experienced designers. We have chosen a wide range of designs to ensure there is something for everyone. From futuristic soldiers to alien creatures, we offer a variety of miniatures that will make your game more exciting.

We are proud that our miniatures are licensed and made by creative designers. We want to make sure our customers are getting the best quality possible and that our miniatures are made to the highest standards. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our miniatures and that they will take your game to the next level.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our range of Red Planet Colony miniatures and expand your collection today!