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Wraithbeast - Version C - Tabletop Miniature

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Product description

Challenge the Wraithbeast-C behemoth, a tabletop miniature that will bring terror to the field. The quality and attention to detail that "The Printing Goes Ever On" puts into each model is clearly evident in this gray do-it-yourself figurine. With an impressive 3D print quality of at least 6K SLA, this tabletop miniature is a fantastic addition to your collection.

First comes the scrape and thump of the mighty wings flapping through the ash-filled air. This monster traverses the skies spreading fear and death. With its web-like wings, deadly claws, and huge, sharp teeth, this tabletop miniature embodies the absolute horror. The body is covered in hard scales and bony outgrowths, strong enough to deflect arrows and break spears.

Additionally available:

Wraithbeast Riders - (Dark King - Flight Mounted)

Give your Dark King even more shine and splendor. With majestic demeanor and dark might, this wraithbeast rider rules the battlefield. His armor is adorned with shimmering obsidian that emits an ominous aura in the sunlight.

Perched on the Wraithbeast's back is the Dark King, his form surrounded by darkness. With a sinister helmet that hides his face and a cloak that flaps in the wind, he appears like a sinister shadowy figure. His gaze is penetrating and full of determination as he looks down at his opponents.

The Dark King's armor features ornate detailing reminiscent of detailed skulls. Each individual piece is carefully crafted to emphasize the rider's sinister splendor. His weapon, a shimmering serrated sword, glitters menacingly in the light.

With the Dark King as its rider, the Wraithbeast gains an even more fearsome presence on the field. Together they form an unstoppable force of terror and make a truly epic addition to your collection. Dare to rise the Dark King and claim victory!

This item is the perfect complement for a range of tabletop games including: Stargrave, Battletech, Infinity, Reaper Miniatures, Gates of Antares, Fallout Wasteland Warfare, Judge Dredd, Starfinder, Warpath, Warzone Resurrection, Core Space, Deadzone, Wolsung Steampunk , Aristeia, 40k, Killteam, Necromunda, Star Wars Legion, Warmachine and many more.

In addition to that, it is also an excellent match for other games such as Frostgrave, Malifaux, Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Blood Bowl, Dark Age, Kings of War, The Walking Dead: All Out War, Guild Ball, Freebooter's Fate, Bushido, Flames of War, Dungeon Saga, Bolt Action, Axis & Allies and many others. In short, if you love tabletop games, this item cannot be missing in your collection!

product properties

3D SLA printing
In gray to color yourself


Just a little hint for you: The miniatures come to you unpainted and some of them have to be assembled by yourself - a bit of superglue can work wonders here! Sometimes there can be small residues or slight damage caused by the support structures, unfortunately these cannot always be completely avoided. But don't worry, this will not affect the quality of your model.

However, it should be noted that due to the SLA 3D printing process, there may be slight distortion (up to 1mm) on larger parts. However, these small imperfections are easy to fix with modeling putty (Green Stuff).

It's just a small part of the process that gives your set a unique character. Have fun painting and assembling!

While the figures are fun to play with, it is important to remember that they are not suitable for young children. There is a risk that small parts can break off. Miniatures should not be considered toys.

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