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Rockabilly Style 3 of 4 (Woman) | miniature figure

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Product description

Rockabilly Style 3 of 4 (Woman) | Miniature figure for dioramas

The Rockabilly Style 3 of 4 (Woman) Miniature Figure is a remarkable addition to diorama enthusiasts and model building enthusiasts. This meticulously crafted miniature figure embodies the signature rockabilly style and will add a touch of nostalgic flair to your dioramas.

The Rockabilly Style 3 of 4 (Woman) Miniature Figure is an ideal addition to dioramas that want to reflect the charm and vibrancy of the Rockabilly era. Whether you are an experienced modeler or a newbie, this figure will enrich your dioramas and create an authentic atmosphere that captures the heart of this era.

Product features

3D SLA printing
In gray to paint yourself

Diorama ideas

This versatile miniature figure opens up various diorama scenarios to convey atmospheric stories:

  1. Retro dance hall: Place the character in a rockabilly-style dancing couple to create a dance hall scene full of vigor and energy.

  2. Vintage Barber Shop Diorama: Place the figure in a 1950s barbershop to capture the iconic aesthetic of the period.

  3. Retro Cafe Action: Incorporate the figure into a retro cafe diorama to create the atmosphere of a vibrant rockabilly scene.

  4. 50s style street scene: Use the miniature figure in a busy rockabilly street scene to capture the spirit of the past.

  5. Vintage Car Show: Add the character to a car show scene


Even if the miniature figures encourage play, please make sure that small children do not play with them! Small parts can always break off. Miniature figures are not toys!

Customer Reviews

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Henri D.

a mon sens un bon rapport qualité/prix, la gravure est nette. de bonnes figures au 24ième pour initier nos "juniors" à la peinture au sein de notre club.
Henri du club des Chevaliers de la Baie des Anges à Nice - France