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Garbage worker 1 of 5 | Miniature figure

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Product description

Garbage Worker Miniature Figure - First of 5 miniatures

The Müllwerker miniature figure is an outstanding addition for diorama enthusiasts and model building lovers. This detailed miniature figure captures the reality of garbage collection with impressive precision and adds an authentic touch to your dioramas.

The Müllwerker miniature figure is a versatile element for dioramas that want to realistically recreate everyday life. Whether you're an experienced model maker or just starting out, this figure will add authenticity to your dioramas and draw attention to the often overlooked but important process of trash collection.

Product features

3D SLA printing
In gray to paint yourself

Diorama ideas

This versatile miniature figure can be used in various diorama scenarios to tell vivid stories:

  1. City scene with street cleaning: Place the figure on a busy city street to realistically depict the process of garbage collection and street cleaning.

  2. Neighborhood Diorama: Integrate the figure into a neighborhood diorama to bring to life the everyday life of garbage collection in a neighborhood.

  3. Recycling Center Scene: Use the miniature figure in a recycling center scene to illustrate the waste processing cycle.

  4. Farm Diorama: Insert the figure into a rural diorama where garbage collection on the farm plays an important role.

  5. Industrial District Scene: Place the character in an industrial district scene to illustrate the role of garbage collection in urban development.


Even if the miniature figures encourage play, please make sure that small children do not play with them! Small parts can always break off. Miniature figures are not toys!

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